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Aesthetic Treatments: Welcome

Professional aesthetic treatments

From Deep Aesthetic Beauty

Find out more about some of the professional aesthetic treatments we provide below or get in touch to arrange your consultation.

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Dermaplaning is procedure whereby the uppermost layers of the skin are removed using specialist tools and equipment. This procedure can assist with appearance of skin imperfections such as scaring. The purpose of dermaplaning is to remove skin imperfections to reveal undamaged and newer skin underneath.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are used to help to reduce the appearance of lines of the face. They add volume to the treated area and fill them with the injected filler. Areas normally treated include the face and lips. 
Dermal filler treatment may feel uncomfortable, however any pain is normally very minimal both during and after treatment.

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Treatment being done


Using specialist equipment to complete this cosmetic procedure, we will help to reduce fine lines, minor scars and other skin imperfections. This form of treatment is not a permanent solution, as through all our daily lives we subject our skin to numerous hardships and pollutants. How regular you require treatment will depend on your lifestyle and practices.

Chemical peels

When you choose a chemical peel treatment, a solution is applied to your facial skin to remove dead skin cells whilst stimulating new cells to grow.
The purpose of a chemical peel is assist in the appearance of your skin. This is done by trying to remove age spots and level out the skin tone.

Alternative practitioner applying a chemical peel to a female patient's face in a beauty c
Microneedle treatment


Microneedling purposefully damages the top layers of the skin by making tiny holes in the upper most layers. The skin damage stimulates your skin to heal by producing increased levels of elastin and collagen.

Facial line softening

This treatment helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines. The treatment involves injections, which blocks signals to you facial muscles. 
Overtime, this treatment will wear off and will require administration again if you wish to continue with the effects.

Face Complexion
Preparing machine for treatment

Laser hair removal

This is a cosmetic procedure which utilises a laser to remove unwanted hair from the body.

This treatment aims to destroy the hair follicle and stop hair growth. 
Usual areas for treatment can include the face, chest, legs, arm and underarms.
There can be some discomfort during treatment which can very depending on the person and the area being treated.

Vitamin injections

Professional Vitamin injections from Deep Aesthetic Beauty. Arrange your consultation today. Get in touch with us.

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Glowing Reviews

"The expert services are also realistically priced and nothing is ever too much trouble. How the treatments work is always well explained and you never feel rushed."


"In a word, wow! Amazing facial treatments and a luxurious and calming massage. Also had skin tag removal, love the results! Amandeep is an amazing therapist and I can’t recommend her professionalism highly enough. 5 stars!"


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Aesthetic Treatments From Deep Aesthetic Beauty In Nottingham. Contact Us To Arrange Your Consultation

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